Storm damage recovery

17.23.020 Definitions.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 185397, effective July 6, 2012.)  As used in this Chapter, the following terms shall have the following definitions:

A.  “Curb” shall mean the stone or concrete edging along a street or sidewalk.

B.  “Maintenance” shall mean the function of protecting existing facilities within the street area so as to keep those facilities in safe and convenient operating condition.  Under this definition, the work would be of a routine nature and would not involve cutting the pavement.

C.  “Emergency” shall mean any unscheduled repair of existing facilities within the street area which must be accomplished immediately to protect the life, health, and well being of the public, or to protect public or private property.  Under this definition, “emergency” work shall encompass only immediately required repairs and shall not include extensive replacement or upgrading of the facility.