17.15.100. Dedicated Account and Appropriate Use of Account.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 181322, 182652, 184756 and 188619, effective January 1, 2018.)

  1. A.  There is created a dedicated account entitled the “SDC Account.”  All monies derived from the SDC shall be placed in the SDC Account.  Funds in the SDC Account shall be used solely to provide the TSDC Project List capacity increasing improvements according to the TSDC Project List as it currently exists or as hereinafter amended, and eligible administrative costs.  All monies derived from the North Macadam Overlay Rate Study shall be placed in a sub-account.  The monies in the Overlay sub-account shall only be spent on projects serving the North Macadam urban renewal area.  All monies derived from the Innovation Quadrant Overlay Project Report shall be placed in a sub-account.  The monies in the Overlay sub-account shall only be spent on projects serving the Innovation Quadrant.  In this regard, SDC revenues may be used for purposes which include:
    1. 1.  project development, design and construction plan preparation;
    2. 2.  permitting;
    3. 3.  right-of-way acquisition, including any costs of acquisition or condemnation;
    4. 4.  construction of new through lanes for vehicular, transit, or bicycle use;
    5. 5.  construction of turn lanes;
    6. 6.  construction of bridges;
    7. 7.  construction of drainage and stormwater management and treatment facilities in conjunction with new roadway construction;
    8. 8.  purchase and installation of traffic signs and signals;
    9. 9.  construction of curbs, medians and shoulders;
    10. 10.  relocating utilities to accommodate new roadway construction;
    11. 11.  construction management and inspection;
    12. 12.  surveying and soils and material testing;
    13. 13.  construction of Accessways, bicycle facilities, Pedestrian Connections and Walkways;
    14. 14.  landscaping;
    15. 15.  bus pullouts, transit shelters, fixed rail transit systems and appurtenances;
    16. 16.  costs associated with acquisition of rolling stock;
    17. 17.  demolition that is part of the construction of any of the improvements on this list;
    18. 18.  payment of principal and interest, necessary reserves and costs of issuance under any bonds or other indebtedness issued by the City to provide money to construct or acquire transportation facilities; and
    19. 19.  direct costs of complying with the provisions of ORS 223.297 to 223.314, including the costs of developing system development charges methodologies and providing an annual accounting of system development charges expenditures.
  2. B.  Money on deposit in the SDC Accounts shall not be used for:
    1. 1.  any expenditure that would be classified as a maintenance or repair expense; or
    2. 2.  costs associated with the construction of administrative office facilities that are more than an incidental part of other capital improvements; or
    3. 3.  costs associated with maintenance of rolling stock.