Storm damage recovery

17.13.060 Partial and Full Exemptions.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 176511, 179008, 181669, 183448, 187150, 189050, 189244, 189323, 189924 and 190381, effective April 30, 2021.) 

  1. The uses listed and described in this Section will be exempt, either partially or fully, from payment of the Parks and Recreation SDC.  Any Applicant seeking an exemption under this Section must specifically request that exemption no later than the time of the City’s completion of the final inspection.  Where New Development consists of only part of one or more of the uses described in this section, only that/those portion(s) of the development which qualify under this section are eligible for an exemption.  The balance of the New Development which does not qualify for any exemption under this section will be subject to the full SDC.  Should the Applicant dispute any decision by the City regarding an exemption request, the Applicant must appeal as provided by Section 17.13.120.  The Applicant has the burden of proving entitlement to any exemption so requested.
  2. A.  Temporary uses are fully exempt so long as the use or structure proposed in the New Development will be used for not more than 180 days in a single calendar year.
  3. B.  Certain structures and uses are exempt to the extent provided by Section17.14.070 of this Code.
  4. C.  Alteration permits for commercial interior alteration work are fully exempt, including commercial alterations that change occupancy.  This exemption does not apply to alterations that create additional Dwelling Units, nor does it apply to the particular development on a property that previously benefitted from an exemption for mass shelters or short-term housing under Subsection 17.13.060 I.
  5. D.  New construction or remodeling of Dwelling Units where no additional Dwelling Unit(s) are created and the square footage of each remodeled Dwelling Unit does not change the range of square footage in the SDC Methodology Report is fully exempt.
  6. E.  Campus Housing is fully exempt.
  7. F.  For New Development which includes a mix of exempt and non-exempt forms of development, the applicable exemption(s) apply only to that portion of the New Development to which the exemption applies.

Upcoming and Recent Changes

Ordinance No. 190381

Effective Date

Ordinance No. 190381 has two effective dates:

Directive b is effective April 30, 2021:  Amend Titles 8, 15, 17, 21, and 30 of the Portland City Code, as shown in Exhibit B, Shelter to Housing Continuum Recommended Draft Volume Three—As-Amended, dated April 2021, but excluding the amendments to Subsection 17.14.070 H. Note:  Directive b changes updated online May 4, 2021.

Directive c is effective August 1, 2021:  Amend Title 29 and Subsection 17.14.070 H. of the Portland City Code as shown in Exhibit B, Shelter to Housing Continuum Recommended Draft Volume Three—As-Amended, dated April 2021. Note:  Directive c changes will be posted online around August 1, 2021.