17.12.150 Rebonding.

City Code Section
  1. A. If the Council specifically approves the same, a property owner who has bonded an assessment a portion of which remains unpaid, or a property owner whose assessment on such property has been subdivided as provided in the Charter, may apply for a rebonding if all taxes then due have been paid upon the property, no outstanding liens have been filed against the property, and if all the conditions applicable to initial bonding are met at the time of rebonding application. The rebonding application may include all unpaid assessment amounts remaining due and unpaid. All provisions relating to rebonding contained in the statutes of the State shall be applicable.
  2. B. As used in this Section the term "property owner" shall mean the owner of the Title to real property or the contract purchaser of real property, of record as shown on the last available complete assessment roll in the Office of the County Assessor.