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Chapter 17.109 Relocation Benefits Appeals

City Code Chapter

(Chapter added by Ordinance 189651, effective September 6, 2019.)

17.109.010 Purpose.

  1. The purpose of this Chapter is to provide an appeal process for any displacee who is dissatisfied with any ruling on their eligibility or claim for any relocation benefit payment when the City acquires private property for public use.

17.109.020 Reconsideration Conference.

  1. A displacee wanting to appeal must first request a reconsideration conference to afford the displacee an opportunity to present additional information that may not have been considered by the City or to correct factual errors, and for the City to reconsider the claim with the new or corrected information. The request will be submitted to the bureau director of the displacing bureau on an “Appeal of Relocation Assistance” form which is available from the Right of Way Agent assigned to the file.

17.109.040 Further Appeals.

  1. All appeals from the Code Hearings Officer’s determination in accordance with Section 17.109.030 will be by writ of review as authorized by Section 22.04.010 of the City Code and ORS 34.010 - 34.100.