17.108.040 Energy Performance Rating and Disclosure for Covered Buildings.

City Code Section
  1. Prior to publicly listing any covered building for sale, the seller of a covered building, or the seller’s designated representative, shall:
  2. A.  Obtain a home energy performance report of such building from a state licensed home energy assessor, and;
  3. B.  Provide a copy of the home energy performance report:
    1. 1.  To all licensed real estate agents working on the seller’s behalf; and
    2. 2.  To prospective buyers who visit the home while it is listed publicly for sale; and
    3. 3.  To the Director for quality assurance and evaluation of policy compliance.
  4. C.  Include the Home Energy Performance Score in all real estate listings, including the Home Energy Performance Report if attachments are accepted by the listing service.