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17.107.030 Transportation and Parking Demand Management Requirements and Procedures.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 189895 and 190251, effective February 5, 2021.)

A.   Requirement for Colleges and Medical Centers. Title 33 requires College and Medical Center uses in the campus institutional zones to conform to an approved Transportation Impact review. The application requirements for the Transportation Impact review require the applicant to provide a Transportation and Parking Demand Management Plan that has all the elements required by this Chapter.  Approval of the TDM plan is subject to the criteria described in Chapter 33.852.

B.  Requirement for Residential Uses. Title 33 requires development in a commercial/mixed use or multi-dwelling zone that includes more than 10 new dwelling units to have a TDM Plan at the time of development permit issuance. Development subject to this requirement may utilize the pre-approved multimodal incentive described in Section 17.107.035, or develop a custom plan approved through Transportation Impact Review, as described in Chapter 33.852.

Upcoming and Recent Changes

Ordinance Number 190251

Effective Date

Ordinance No. 190251 code changes updated online code on 3/1/2021.

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