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17.106.020 Definitions.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 189761, effective January 20, 2020.)  The terms used in Chapter 17.106 are defined as provided in this section:

A.  “Certified Deconstruction Contractor” means a contractor licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) that has successfully completed a deconstruction certification program recognized by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.  A firm will be considered certified if at least one person currently employed by the firm is certified.

B.  “Deconstruction” means the systematic dismantling of a structure, typically in the opposite order it was constructed, in order to maximize the salvage of materials for reuse, in preference over salvaging materials for recycling, energy recovery, or sending the materials to the landfill.

C.  “Director” means, the Director of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability or their authorized designee.

D.  “Primary Dwelling Structure” means one and two-family structures (detached and attached) based on current permitted occupancy at the time of demolition permit application.  Primary Dwelling Structures do not include accessory structures such as garages or accessory dwelling units.

E.  “Recycling” means the processing of waste materials into new products or material feed stock for products.  Materials that can be recycled include but are not limited to concrete, metal piping, and asphalt roofing shingles.

F.  “Responsible Party” means any owner or person in control of a primary dwelling structure, or their authorized agent.

G.  “Reuse” means the utilization of a product or material that was previously installed for the same or similar function to extend its life cycle.  Materials salvageable for reuse include but are not limited to cabinets, doors, hardware, fixtures, flooring, siding, and framing lumber.