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17.105.035 License Applications and Issuance.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 188086, effective December 16, 2016.)

A.  Every Person, who is a Dealer or Seller of Motor Vehicle Fuel in the City of Portland, shall make application to the Tax Administrator for a license authorizing such Person to engage in business as a Dealer or Seller in the City of Portland.  Every Person who is required to have the User’s License pursuant to ORS 319.550 shall make application to the Tax Administrator for a license authorizing such Person to use fuel in the City of Portland.

B.  Applications for the license shall be made on forms prescribed by the Tax Administrator.

C.  Applications shall include, among other items as may be required by the Tax Administrator:

1.  The business name under which the applicant transacts business.

2.  The address of applicant's principal place of business and location of distributing stations in and within three miles of the city.

3.  The name and address of the managing agent, the names and addresses of the several Persons constituting the firm or partnership or, if a corporation, the name under which the corporation is authorized to transact business and the names and addresses of its principal officers and registered agent, as well as primary transport carrier.

D.  If an application for a Dealer's license, Seller’s license or User’s License is complete and accepted for filing, the Tax Administrator shall issue to the Dealer, Seller or User a license in such form as the Tax Administrator may prescribe to transact business in the city. A license issued hereunder is not assignable, and is valid only for the Dealer, Seller or User in whose name it is issued.

E.  The Tax Administrator shall retain all completed applications together with a record of all licensed Dealers, Sellers and Users.

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