17.105.020 Use of Tax Revenues.

City Code Section
  1. A.  For the purpose of this Section, Motor Vehicles Fuel Tax net revenues means the revenue from the tax and penalties imposed by this Chapter remaining after interest, collection, administrative, other costs, refunds, and credits are deducted from Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax revenues.
  2. B.  The City shall use Motor Vehicles Fuel Tax net revenues only for construction, reconstruction, improvement, repair, maintenance, operation and use of public Highways, roads and streets as described in the Oregon Constitution, Article IX, Section 3a.
  3. C.  The type of projects to be completed will be those approved and undertaken out of the Street Repair and Traffic Safety Program, and will include but not be limited to projects in the following categories:
    1. 1.  Street Repair
    2. 2.  Safe Routes to Schools
    3. 3.  Sidewalk Completion
    4. 4.  High Crash Corridor Safety Improvements
    5. 5.  Reducing Bicycle/Car conflicts
    6. 6.  Intersection Safety Improvements