17.104.090 Building Data Access.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Where a unit or other space is occupied by a tenant and separately metered by a utility, the owner may request tenant data relating to energy use, use of space, operating hours, and other information required for ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager reporting.
    1. 1.  Within 30 days of a request by the owner, each tenant located in a covered building shall provide all data that cannot otherwise be acquired by the owner and that is needed by the owner to comply with the requirements of this section including consent to access utility data as described in Section 17.104.080. If such tenant is not in compliance, the building owner may provide a written or electronic request to the Director for an extension to the reporting schedule in Section 17.104.050.
    2. 2.  When the owner of a covered building receives notice that a tenant intends to vacate a space in such building, the owner shall request information relating to such tenant’s energy use for any period of occupancy relevant to the owner’s obligation to meet the reporting requirements in Sections 17.104.040 and 17.104.050. 
    3. 3.  When a covered building changes ownership, the previous owner must provide the new owner all information for the months of the calendar year during the time the previous owner was still in possession of the property.