17.104.080 Utility Data Access.

City Code Section
  1. A.  The owner of a covered building shall obtain data from each utility providing energy service to such building, subject to the governing state and/or federal data privacy laws to which the utility is subject at the time of the owner’s request.
  2. B.  On and after January 1, 2016, and every year thereafter, upon the written or electronic request of an owner, each utility shall provide the building owner with access to the monthly energy consumption data for all utility meters identified by the owner. The data provided by the utility to the building owner will be aggregated by the utility and shall not contain personally identifying information or any customer-specific billing data. The utility shall provide access to such aggregated utility data within 45 days of the building owner’s request. Utilities providing energy service to a covered building shall maintain energy consumption data for meters serving each building for at least the most recent calendar year.
    1. 1.  Where a unit or other space is occupied by a tenant and separately metered by a utility, the utility may require the owner to submit a written or electronic request identifying such meters and follow the consent requirements of such utility.