17.102.270 Businesses and Multifamily Complexes Required to Recycle.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 189293, effective January 11, 2019.) 

  1. A.  Waste Prevention and Recycling Requirements.
    1. 1.  To achieve the City’s waste prevention and recycling goals as set forth in Section 17.102.010, all businesses within the City shall comply with waste prevention, recycling and composting requirements as set forth in the administrative rules established by the Director. The following recycling requirements shall be in effect:
      1. a.  All businesses and multifamily complexes shall recycle 75 percent of the solid waste they produce;
      2. b.  All businesses shall recycle all of their paper and containers. For the purposes of this Section, containers means all recyclable metal, plastic and glass containers;
      3. c.  Covered food scraps generating businesses shall separate their food scraps for collection.
      4. d.  For all building projects within the City where the total job cost (including both demolition and construction phases) exceeds $50,000, the general contractor shall ensure that 75 percent of the solid waste produced on the job site is recycled. In addition, certain materials generated on the job site shall be recycled in compliance with administrative rules established by the Director.  For an affected building project where there is no general contractor, this requirement applies to the property owner is the person responsible for ensuring compliance with the recycling requirements.
    2. 2.  Commercial customers that provide garbage collection service to business tenants as part of their rental/lease, shall provide recycling and, where appropriate, compostable collection systems that will enable the business tenants to recycle in compliance with administrative rules established by the Director.
    3. 3.  All multifamily complexes within the City shall establish recycling systems for their tenants’ use, in compliance with administrative rules established by the Director.
  2. B.  The Director may monitor compliance with the requirements of Subsection A by reviewing available information including, but not limited to, information reported by the customers on their recycling activities, as well as onsite inspections.
  3. C.  Any business or any other person may sell or exchange at fair market value its own recyclable materials which are source separated for reuse or recycling.  This Chapter and any administrative rules promulgated hereunder are not intended to limit the ability of any person to compete openly to provide recycling collection service to businesses within the City of Portland.