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17.102.070 Fees As a Debt, Enforcement and Collection.

A.  All fees, assessments and interest imposed by this Chapter shall be a debt due and owing to the City of Portland and may be collected by civil action in the name of the City of Portland.  Any fees and assessments remaining unpaid after the due date shall accrue interest at 1 percent per month, compounded daily from the due date.  In addition, the Director may revoke, suspend or deny issuance of any commercial collection permit to permittees who have not paid commercial permit or tonnage fees or infraction assessments by the deadlines provided in this Chapter or in administrative rules adopted pursuant to this Chapter.

B.  Fees, assessments and interest shall be enforced and collected by the Director.  The Director may waive or reduce any assessments for good cause, according to and consistent with written policies.  The Director may refer collection and enforcement to another agency of the City.

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