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17.08.100 Completion of Construction.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 182760 and 190132, effective October 16, 2020.)

A.  After the work financed by the local improvement district has been completed satisfactorily, the Responsible Engineer will prepare a certificate of completion.  The Responsible Engineer will also prepare a final engineer’s estimate showing the costs of all engineering and construction work performed.  The certificate of completion will be deemed acceptance by the City of the local improvement work.

B.  Authorization for final payment will be made as provided by Chapter 5.33 of City Code.

C.  The Local Improvement District Administrator will include the final engineer’s estimate and a copy of the certificate of completion with the filing of the Final Assessment Ordinance as set forth in Section 17.08.130.

D.  Notice of completion of the work need not be provided except as may be required  elsewhere in City Code.

E.  If a local improvement is substantially complete except for contract closeout, or if a scope of improvement included in the construction contract but not included in the local improvement is incomplete, the Responsible Engineer at the discretion of the Responsible Bureau may file a written report attesting that the local improvements are complete in lieu of a certificate of completion.  The provisions set forth in Subsection 17.08.100 A. apply, except that the written report substitutes for the certificate of completion. Any further project or financing costs incurred subsequent to final assessment will be the responsibility of the Responsible Bureau, not of the property owners.

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