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17.08.040 Initiation of Local Improvement Formation Proceedings.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 190132, effective October 16, 2020.)

A.  City Council may, at its discretion, initiate a local improvement district formation proceeding by adopting a Resolution of Intent to undertake a capital construction project, or part thereof, based on one of more of the following criteria:

1.  A valid petition of support per the criteria in Section 17.08.050, signed by property owners and filed with the Local Improvement District Administrator;

2.  A recommendation from the Responsible Bureau

3.  Its own initiative.

B.  Where formation of a sewer local improvement district is ordered pursuant to an Environmental Quality Commission Order and a sewer plan has been developed and adopted by the City Council, preparation of the construction plans and specifications for that improvement may begin without action by the City Council.

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