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16.70.900 Reckless Driving.

(Added by Ordinance No. 173097, effective by February 10, 1999.)

A.  A driver of a vehicle commits the crime of reckless driving within the City of Portland if the driver commits two or more of the following violations in a single series of acts in such a way as to endanger the safety of persons or property:

1.  Unlawful or unsignaled lane change;

2.  Unsafe passing on the left or right;

3.  Passing in a no-passing zone;

4.  Following too close;

5.  Illegal backing;

6.  Unlawful stop or deceleration;

7.  Failure to signal;

8.  Violation of maximum speed limit in an urban area;  or

9.  Taking other actions that a reasonable driver would know endanger the safety of persons or property in a congested urban driving environment such as the City of Portland.

B.  Violation of this law shall constitute a Class A Misdemeanor as prescribed in State law.

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