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16.70.810 Street Obstructions and Dangerous Conditions.

(Added by Ordinance No. 176585, effective July 5, 2002.)  No person, whether acting as private citizen, principal, employee or agent shall:

A.  Between the hours of sunset and sunrise, place or allow to remain on any street any obstruction, other than a lawfully parked vehicle or any permitted structure, unless a clearly displayed warning light or lights are:

1.  plainly visible for 200 feet in either direction parallel to the street and at least 25 feet in all other directions, and

2.  placed on the edge or side of the obstruction nearest the center of the street.

B.  At any time, create a dangerous condition on any street without erecting and maintaining a distinctly visible barricade which provides a clear indication of the danger and directs people safely around it;  and/or

C.  Remove such a barricade from any street while the danger continues.

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