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16.70.690 Designation of Streets for Vehicles of Excess Weight or Size.

A.  When in the judgement of the City Traffic Engineer any City street or section thereof is capable of carrying any vehicle or combination of vehicles having a gross weight or overall size in excess of that authorized in ORS 818, the City Traffic Engineer may report to the City Council so declaring that street and fixing the maximum gross weight, width, height, and/or length and types and classes of vehicles or combination of vehicles which may be operated thereon. 

B.  The provisions of any report accepted by the City Council pursuant to recommendation of the City Traffic Engineer under this Section may be changed or rescinded at any time and is subject to any order made pursuant to Section 16.10.200.

C.  If a report submitted by the City Traffic Engineer under this Section is accepted by the City Council, a duplicate original thereof (and any amendment or revocation thereof) must be filed by the Auditor with the Secretary of State.  After such resolution is adopted and filed, no permit is required for the operation upon such street or section thereof of a vehicle or combination of vehicles not exceeding the maximum gross weight and length fixed by the report for vehicles or combinations of vehicles of that type and class.

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