16.70.320 Operating Rules.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 165594, effective July 8, 1992.)  

  1. No person may:
  2. A.  Leave a bicycle so that it obstructs vehicle or pedestrian traffic on a roadway, sidewalk, driveway, handicap access ramp, building entrance, or so that it prevents operation of a parking meter or newspaper rack;
  3. B.  Leave a bicycle secured to a fire hydrant or to a police or fire call box;
  4. C.  Leave a bicycle on private property without consent of the owner or legal tenant.  Consent is implied on private commercial property;
  5. D.  Leave a bicycle on a street or other public property for more than 72 hours; or
  6. E.  Ride a bicycle on a sidewalk, unless avoiding a traffic hazard in the immediate area, within the area bounded by and including SW Jefferson, Front Avenue, NW Hoyt and 13th Avenue, except:
    1. 1.  On sidewalks designated as bike lanes or paths;
    2. 2.  On the ramps or approaches to any Willamette River Bridge; or
    3. 3.  In the area bounded by the west property line of SW Ninth Avenue, the east property line of SW Park Avenue, the north property line of SW Jefferson and the south property line of SW Salmon Street.
    4. 4.  For police or special officers operating a bicycle in the course and scope of their duties; or
    5. 5.  For employees of the Association for Portland Progress and companies providing security services operating a bicycle in the course and scope of their duties.  These employees must have in possession an identification card issued by the Chief of Police certifying the rider has completed a training course in the use of a bicycle for security patrol.