Chapter 16.65 Funeral Processions

City Code Chapter
(Chapter added by Ordinance 176022, effective November 16, 2001.)

16.65.010 Funeral Processions.

  1. As used in this Section, funeral procession means four or more motor vehicles accompanying the body of a deceased person in the daytime, when each of such vehicles has its headlights lighted.
  2. A.  Pedestrians and the operators of all vehicles, except emergency vehicles, must yield the right‑of‑way to each vehicle which is a part of a funeral procession.  Whenever the lead vehicle in the funeral procession lawfully enters an intersection, the remainder of the vehicles in such a procession may continue to follow such lead vehicle through the intersection notwithstanding any traffic control device or right‑of‑way provisions prescribed by statute or ordinance, provided the operator of each vehicle exercises due care to avoid colliding with any other vehicle or pedestrian upon the streets or highway.
  3. B.  No person may operate any vehicle as part of a funeral procession without having the headlights of such vehicle lighted.
  4. C.  No operator of a vehicle may drive between vehicles in a funeral procession which are properly identified while the procession is in motion, except when directed to do so by a police officer.