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16.60.030 Exemptions.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 180671 and 189820, effective February 7, 2020.)

A.  Any retailer who offers a biodiesel blend of 20% (B20 fuel) or greater shall be exempt from the requirements of Section 16.60.020 (A) and (B), and may also provide for sale, on the same site or a contiguous site, diesel fuel which does not contain biodiesel.

B.  The Director of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability may temporarily suspend or modify the minimum biofuel content requirements of this Chapter based on a determination that such requirements are temporarily infeasible due to economic or technical circumstances.  The Director’s determination shall be made by filing a report with the City Council.

C.  The requirements of this Chapter do not apply to fuel used for the operation of railroad locomotives, watercraft or aircraft.

D.  Nothing in this Chapter is intended to prohibit the production, sale, or use of motor fuel for use in federally designated flexibly fueled vehicles capable of using up to eighty-five percent ethanol fuel blends.

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