16.40.980 Currently Permitted Companies, Vehicles, and Drivers Grandfathered — Renewal Process.

City Code Section

A.  All companies that are currently permitted, and all valid, current decals, taxiplates, and certifications issued by the City on the effective date in this Chapter do not need to reapply for new permits, decals, taxiplates, or certifications or provide additional proof of valid insurance but must otherwise adhere to all the requirements as found in this Chapter.

B.  To achieve the goal of staggered renewal dates, the Director may, by administrative rule, require that the initial permit term of some permittees be for less than the 12-month term required pursuant to Chapter 16.40. The fees associated with any permit terms that are less than the 12-month requirement will be prorated as necessary to reflect the shorter permit duration.

C.  The effective date of any requirement in this Chapter applicable to the operation of a non-motorized PFHT vehicle or provision of non-motorized PFHT and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Companies/Specially Attended Transportation (SAT) Companies, NEMT/SAT Vehicles, NEMT/SAT Services, and NEMT/SAT Drivers is suspended until such time that alternate provisions in Chapter 16.40 pertaining to non-motorized and NEMT/SAT companies, drivers, or vehicles are adopted by City Council.

D.  The Director may, by administrative rule, suspend any requirement in this Chapter for a period of 180 days that will likely result in prejudice to the public interest or the interest of the affected parties.