16.40.820 Horse-Drawn Carriage Permit and Plate Required — Application Process and Requirements.

City Code Section

A.  Permit and Decal or Plate Required for Horse-Drawn Carriages. No Horse-Drawn Carriage may be used as a PFHT vehicle without a valid and current permit and a valid and current, unobstructed plate issued by the City under Chapter 16.40. Applicants for a carriage vehicle permit and carriage plate must be the owner of the carriage. Carriage permits will only be issued to an owner who has obtained a Horse-Drawn Carriage Company permit.

B.  Application Form. The applicant for a Horse-Drawn Carriage permit must complete a “Horse-Drawn Carriage Application” on the form required by the Director, which includes, but is not limited to, the following required information:

1.  Carriage make, model, and manufacturer;

2.  Seating capacity and weight limits;

3.  A photograph of each carriage to be registered; and

4.  If necessary, any information that reasonably relates to the application or is a clarification of information provided to the Director.

C.  Safety Inspection. The Director has the authority to require that a Horse-Drawn Carriage operator demonstrate by inspection that all safety standards are met prior to a permit plate or decal being issued.

D.  Horse-Drawn Carriage Condition. No Horse-Drawn Carriage will be issued a plate or decal if the Director determines that the carriage is not safe and in good repair, with all required equipment in sound operating condition.

E.  Each Horse-Drawn Carriage shall be made available for inspection at the request of the Director or designee.

F.  Fees. Horse-Drawn Carriage Companies must pay renewal fees per the Administrative Rule.