16.40.550 Pedicab and Quadricycle Vehicle Certification and Operating Requirements.

City Code Section

A.  Pedicab and Quadricycle Vehicle Certification. The Pedicab or Quadricycle Company shall regularly provide a list of applicant vehicles affiliated with the permitted Pedicab or Quadricycle Company for Director certification that vehicles meet all requirements pursuant to Chapter 16.40. Vehicles shall be certified by the Director and affiliated with a permitted Pedicab or Quadricycle Company prior to being used to provide Pedicab or Quadricycle service. Vehicles not meeting all required conditions shall not be certified and will not be allowed to operate as a Pedicab or Quadricycle Vehicle. Pedicab and Quadricycle Vehicles are exempt from vehicle age limit restrictions that may apply to other sections of this chapter.

B.  Term of Certified Pedicab and Vehicle. Certifications for Pedicab and Quadricycle Vehicles provided by the Director shall be valid for 1 year from the date of the initial certification. The Pedicab or Quadricycle Company shall provide a re-certification to the Director annually prior to the certification expiration and within 1 month of the expiration date on a form approved by the Director.

C.  Application Process. Applications for Pedicab and Quadricycle Vehicle certification shall be made directly to an affiliated Pedicab or Quadricycle Company. Pedicab and Quadricycle Companies will regularly provide to the Director a Pedicab or Quadricycle Driver a vehicle application list, pursuant to certification requirements, that the vehicle meets all requirements before the vehicle shall operate as a Pedicab or Quadricycle Vehicle, on a form approved by the Director.

D.  Pedicab and Quadricycle Vehicle Safety Requirements. Pedicab and Quadricycle Vehicles shall satisfy the following conditions when operating between dusk and dawn:

1.  Make use of working battery-powered lights;

2.  Be equipped with one headlight capable of projecting a beam of light for a distance of at least 500 feet;

3.  Be equipped with two red taillights mounted on the right and left area of the Pedicab or Quadricycle Vehicle’s rear;

4.  Not exceed the manufacturer’s limits on the amount of weight the Pedicab or Quadricycle Vehicle may safely carry; and

5.  Not pull any kind of cart, trailer, or other enclosed seating contraption behind the vehicle.

E.  Pedicab and Quadricycle Vehicle Condition. Each Pedicab and Quadricycle Vehicle shall:

1.  Be kept in safe condition,

2.  Be kept clean and in good appearance.

F.  Mandatory Compliance. Pedicab and Quadricycle Vehicles shall be made available for compliance audits and enforcement actions upon request by the Director or law enforcement officers pursuant to Chapter 16.40.

G.  Unless otherwise noted, failure to comply with any provisions in Section 16.40.550 is a Class B violation subject to penalties provided in Sections 16.40.930 to 16.40.950.