16.40.020 Chapter Applies to All Companies, Drivers, and Vehicles.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 188972, effective June 29, 2018.)

A.  It is not a defense to any regulatory action, including penalties and fines, to assert that the City cannot act because a PFHT service operator does not possess a valid City-issued permit, certification, decal, or taxiplate.

B.  The requirements of Chapter 16.40, along with any penalties that may be assessed for violations of Chapter 16.40, apply to all PFHT service operators, whether or not legally and validly permitted.

C.  Any section and or requirement of this Chapter may be further explained in Administrative Rule.

D.  No company, vehicle or driver will be issued a permit under the authority of this Chapter if any of the following apply:

1.  A Federal Out of Service Orders has been issued.

2.  Company is suspended by the State pursuant to ORS 825.137.

E.  Companies and their drivers are prohibited from blocking or altering the presentation of any information or denying access to their company App, including any digital or analog network, to any City employee authorized to enforce the provisions of this Chapter or for the purpose of thwarting or interfering with any City employee’s enforcement or oversight of Private for-Hire Transportation companies and their drivers. Violation of this sub-section is a Class A violation and is also subject to suspension and/or revocation.

F.  All driver backgrounds will be verified by the Bureau of Transportation. Those companies self-certifying drivers may allow the driver to operate for up to 30 days with a provisional driver permit. The company shall provide Driver background information to PBOT in a manner approved in writing by the Director within 24-hours of the Driver’s certification or permit date. Absent exceptional circumstances, PBOT will review the self-certified backgrounds and conduct additional reviews, supplemental investigations or other steps to make a determination before validating the Driver’s permit for one full year from the certification or permit date. Drivers who are not approved to operate will have their certifications and permits immediately cancelled, pursuant to Section 16.40.940. Violation of this Subsection is a Class A violation and is also subject to suspension and/or revocation.