16.20.920 Garage Parking Rates.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance Nos. 185351 and 189529, effective June 28, 2019.)  The Bureau of Transportation Director shall be authorized to set parking rates at City-owned Parking Garages without first returning to City Council, subject to the following provisions:

A.  Portland City Council shall set the hourly parking rate for the first four hours at all City Parking Garages.

B.  The Transportation Director may set different parking rates at different locations and may consider the following factors when setting parking rates:

1.  Rate changes may reflect an amount intended to reach a desired occupancy rate in each location;

2.  Rate changes may reflect the annual consumer price index (CPI) for inflation in the Portland Metropolitan Area;

3.  Rate changes may reflect market conditions in the Portland Central City;

4.  Rate changes may accommodate specific site characteristics and seasonal events; and

5.  Rate changes may reflect parking conditions, including without limitation the availability and desirability of reserved and non-reserved parking spaces.

C.  Parking rates may not exceed the following rate maximums without Council approval:

1.  Weekday daily maximum: $40

2.  Weekday evening maximum: $20

3.  Weekend daily maximum: $30

4.  Weekend evening maximum: $15

5.  Monthly general access: $400

6.  Monthly reserved: $450

7.  Monthly carpool: $300

8.  Monthly motorcycle: $250

9.  Event maximum: $50