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16.20.860 Violation and Enforcement.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 165594 and 179141, effective March 23, 2005.)

  1. A.  A permitted vehicle which is parked in accordance with posted Area Permit Parking Program signing and in accordance with parking regulations generally (Chapter 16.20) is permitted to be parked in excess of the visitor parking time limit.  An area parking permit does not allow parking in restricted parking zones (16.20.200).
  2. B.  Display of an area parking permit does not convey any privileges other than that of exceeding the posted permit parking visitor time limit.  It does not authorize parking in any other restricted zone.  Permitted vehicles are subject to the provisions of 16.20.170.  (Storing Property on street is prohibited.)
  3. C.  During permit designated hours, it is unlawful for a nonpermitted vehicle to:
    1. 1.  Exceed the maximum visitor time limit allowed within the signed permit area;
    2. 2.  Return to the signed permit area for a period of 12 hours after parking for any time period.
  4. D.  The permit holder is responsible for all improper use (16.20.810 L.) of any assigned permit decal(s), unless previously reported as lost or stolen.  If investigation verifies improper use, the permit holder will be penalized as described below.
    1. 1.  A fine will be assessed for each permit decal in violation.  This fine shall be payable and due within 30 days following the violation.
    2. 2.  No additional permits will be issued to the permit holder until all fines have been paid.
  5. E.  It is unlawful for a vehicle to display an unauthorized permit.  A vehicle displaying an unauthorized permit may be cited, or a fine assessed for each violation.  The fine shall be payable and due within 30 days of the violation.
  6. F.  Improper use of a decal by a permit holder will result in cancellation of that permit decal for a period of 12 months.  Further improper use of a permit decal by that permit holder within a 24-month period will additionally render the permit holder disqualified from purchasing any Area Parking Program Permit for two subsequent permit years.
  7. G.  Decisions of the City Traffic Engineer regarding the revocation or refusal to issue a permit may be appealed to the Code Hearings Office according to the provisions of Title 22 of the Portland City Code.
  8. H.  It is unlawful for a vehicle to improperly display any authorized permit, as outlined in the City of Portland, Transportation Administrative Rule.