16.20.850 Program Administration.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 177006 and 183829, effective July 1, 2010.)

A.  For each Area Permit Parking Program, the City Traffic Engineer will guide the area in establishment, evaluation, revision, or termination of the Area Permit Parking Program by:

1.  Meeting with the Area Parking Committee;

2.  Planning and coordinating registration and enforcement; and

3.  Completing any other such duties described in the Supplemental Plan Description.

B.  Annual Review of Program Fees: Services charges and fees are reviewed annually and updated per the City’s financial policy, and are effective with the adoption of the annual budget.

  Notification of Fee Changes and Permit Renewal: A current listing of service charges and fees will be made available to the public.

C.  It is the obligation of area residents and businesses to apply for permit decals in a timely manner and in accordance with Code Chapter 16.20 and the appropriate Supplemental Plan Description.  Applicants must present authorized documentation to the City Traffic Engineer as follows:

1.  An area resident must present proof of current occupancy and current proof of vehicle control.  A person using a vehicle owned by another must present a notarized statement from the owner stating that the vehicle has been assigned to the applicant for their personal use.

2.  An area business must present proof of current occupancy and a payroll record or a list of employees and the hours each employee works per week.

D.  An area business is eligible to purchase business permit decals for workers in accordance with the supplemental plan description.  The number of business permit decals which may be issued to an area business must be defined in each permit area’s supplemental plan description.

E.  One guest permit decal may be issued to each address for an area permit decal.  A guest permit decal may not be converted to a business permit decal.  Additional guest permit decals may be issued to an address according to the rules of each Supplemental Plan Description.

F.  It is the obligation of the permit holder to notify the City Traffic Engineer of loss or theft of a permit decal within 3 business days.  The permit holder may purchase a replacement for one half of the current fee, unless the City Traffic Engineer has disallowed purchase by the purchase holder under the penalty provision of 16.20.860.