16.20.810 Definitions.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 165594, 176394 and 189078, effective July 18, 2018.)

  1. A.  “Address” is the street number and applicable apartment number for each dwelling unit, business, or other use.  Each apartment or commercial unit is regarded as a unique address.
  2. B.  “Annual permit fee” is the annual fee for each business, guest, or resident permit decal.  If a permit is issued on or after the first day of the seventh month in the permit year, the fee will be one half of the yearly permit fee.  Replacement permits will be one half of the current permit fee.
  3. C.  “Area business” is any professional establishment or nonresident property owner whose business property is located within a permit area.
  4. D.  “Area Parking Committee” is the group of not less than two people and not more than five people (excluding alternates) appointed by the neighborhood association and business district association which implements an Area Permit Parking Program or, when a proposed permit program area is not within the boundaries of a listed business district association, by the neighborhood association whose residents represent the greatest number of addresses within a permit area.  Area Parking Committees will assist the City Traffic Engineer in establishment of the Area Permit Parking Program, development of a Supplemental Plan Description, and ongoing review of the program.
  5. E.  “Area resident” is any person who resides within the permit area.
  6. F.  “Area vehicle” is one that originates from inside the permit area and/or has an apparent connection or business within the permit area.
  7. G.  “Business District Association” is any group listed by the Office of Community & Civic Life to represent businesses of a geographic area within the City.
  8. H.  “Business permit decal” is the decal issued by the City Traffic Engineer for assignment to vehicles under the legal control of workers, customers, clients, or others while conducting business in the area.
  9. I.  “Complimentary Hours Permit” is the permit(s) granted to each area program permit holder for guest parking for special occasions.
  10. J.  “Effective hours” are the days and hours during which the area permit program applies as defined by each individual Supplemental Plan.
  11. K.  “Guest permit decal” is the decal issued by the City Traffic Engineer to a permittee to identify any vehicle(s) under the legal control of guests during periods when guests are actually visiting at the permittee’s address.
  12. L.  “Improper use” has occurred when a permit holder violates the provisions described on the permit application.  Improper use will lead to penalties as described in 16.20.860.
  13. M.  “Neighborhood association” is any group recognized by the Office of Community & Civic Life to represent residents of a geographic area within the City.
  14. N.  “Non‑permitted vehicle” is any vehicle which does not display a current permit decal for the Area Permit Parking Program Area in which it is parked.
  15. O.  “Permit area” is any area as designated by an initiating petition or as modified in the boundary description.
  16. P.  “Permit decal” (generally) means any resident, business, and guest decal issued by the City Traffic Engineer to residents and businesses in permit areas.  Permit decals must be clearly identified as belonging to a specific permit area, for use during a specified permit year, and proper for only one of the following permits: resident, business, or guest.  These decals must be displayed in the manner described in the administrative rules for Area Parking Permit decals.  Permit decals expire on the last day of the permit year in which they are issued. 
  17. Q.  “Permit program” is any Area Permit Parking Program created and administered under this Code Chapter 16.20.800.
  18. R.  “Permit year” is the 12‑month period set for the administration of an Area Permit Parking Program by consent of the City Traffic Engineer and the Area Parking Committee.
  19. S.  “Permitted vehicle” is any vehicle which properly displays the correct permit decal, or temporary permit issued by the City Traffic Engineer for use on such vehicle.
  20. T.  “Program administrator” is designated by the City Traffic Engineer to administer an Area Permit Parking Program.  Program administrator responsibilities include routine program administration, consulting with the Area Parking Committee to amend or interpret the Supplemental Plan Description, and giving approval or denial to proposed permit program provisions.
  21. U.  “Resident permit decal” is a decal issued by the City Traffic Engineer to a resident to identify the vehicle(s) under the resident’s legal control as permitted vehicle(s).
  22. V.  “Supplemental plan description” is the document established by the Area Parking Committee and the program administrator.  It details the Area Parking Permit Program policies and procedures in accordance with Code Chapter 16.20.800.
  23. W.  “Temporary permit” is used in lieu of an annual permit decal on vehicles.  The purpose of a temporary permit is for display in a vehicle under the legal control of an applicant without sufficient proof to obtain a permanent permit, for the usage of complimentary hours, or for construction projects.  Applicants will be charged a fee for each vehicle they register with the exception of complimentary permit hours.  The Area Parking Committees may establish any additional terms and conditions for use of temporary permit cards.
  24. X.  “Unauthorized permit” is the display of any permit decal not assigned to that vehicle as defined in the supplemental plan description.
  25. Y.  “Vehicle of record” is the vehicle which a permit holder has registered for a permit decal with the Program Administrator.