16.20.801 Purpose.

City Code Section

A.  The area parking permit program is intended to increase access to residents and businesses, reduce traffic congestion, increase traffic/pedestrian safety, reduce air pollution, reduce noise pollution, prevent blighted areas, and promote the use of mass transit, car pooling, and other alternative modes of transportation.

B.  The area parking permit program will reduce commuter traffic that originates from outside the permit area and has no apparent connection or business within the permit area.  A guest who originates from outside the permit area but is visiting a resident or conducting business within the permit area may be provided a guest permit by the area permittee.

C.  Each area that implements the parking permit program will have a unique set of parking needs.  These needs will be based in part on the extent of the parking congestion; the cause(s) of the congestion; the proximity of the neighborhood to the parking generator(s); the mix of residential/nonresidential use; the number of guests visiting the area; the frequency of guests visiting the area; the availability of off‑street parking; the types of parking problems in surrounding areas; the availability of alternative modes of transportation; the possibility of alternative parking solutions; and the physical layout and boundaries of the area.

D.  Each area must meet the eligibility criteria (16.20.830) and follow the prescribed process (16.20.840) in order to form a permit program.

E.  Area residents and businesses will be allowed to purchase a permit granting on‑street parking privileges in the area where they reside or have their places of business.  A permit will allow a vehicle under the legal control of a resident, worker, or visitor, with a properly displayed permit decal or card, to exceed the area permit parking program time limits that are posted within a designated area.