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16.20.603 Current Approval Required Before Use.

City Code Section

A.  All vehicle permits, including meter hoods, must have current approval of the City Traffic Engineer at the time the permit is used by the permittee.

B.  The City Traffic Engineer may deny a vehicle permit application based on a demonstrated history of permit abuse by the applicant during the previous 12-month period.

C.  Unless otherwise specified, all vehicle permits issued by authority of this Section will expire January 1, following the calendar year in which the permit was issued.

D.  A duplicate permit may be issued by the City Traffic Engineer upon receipt of a replacement application and fee from the permittee.

E.  No permit will be issued to any applicant who has an outstanding balance due for prior violation(s) of permits issued by the City Traffic Engineer.

F.  Decisions of the City Traffic Engineer regarding the issuance of vehicle permits may be appealed to the Code Hearings Officer according to the provisions of Title 22 of the Portland City Code.