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16.20.550 Travel Lane Parking Permit.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 165594, effective July 8, 1992.)

A.  A street closure permit must be obtained from the City Engineer per Title 17.44.020 for the following purposes:

1.  Facilitating construction, demolition or installation of facilities on public or private property.

2.  Restricting vehicular use of an unimproved street for the protection of the public or to eliminate a neighborhood nuisance.

3.  Providing for special events, such as block parties or neighborhood fairs.

B.  The City Traffic Engineer may issue a travel lane closure permit for any other purpose, and, as a condition of the permit, require:

1.  A traffic control plan to be implemented; and

2.  Insurance to indemnify the City for liability related to permit use.