16.20.540 Angle Loading Permit.

City Code Section

An angle loading permit may be granted by the City Traffic Engineer to facilitate the loading/unloading of vehicles, subject to the following provisions:

A.  When angle parked, the permittee must be actively engaged in loading/ unloading the vehicle.

B.  The permit will be authorized when necessary because of the weight or size of the merchandise being loaded/unloaded and the physical constraints of the loading area.

C.  Angle loading/unloading will be subject to the time limit established by the City Traffic Engineer for each individual permit.

D.  In the case of a tractor and trailer combination, the tractor may be required to be removed and parked separately.

E.  The City Traffic Engineer may require a traffic control plan to be implemented as a condition of the permit.

F.  The City Traffic Engineer may require insurance to indemnify the City for liability related to permit use.