16.20.510 Construction Area Permit.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 189651, effective September 6, 2019.)

A.  A Temporary Street Use construction area permit will only be issued to a person with an official street use permit, a street opening permit, a temporary street closure permit, or who is performing minor modifications or clean-up activities.

B.  A construction area permit allows placement of building materials, equipment, or commercial vehicles necessary for the performance of the work in the public right-of-way.  A parking reservation device may only be used to establish a construction area when the parking of the vehicle is essential to the performance of the construction work.  Permitted construction area does not authorize the use of the right of way as employee parking.  A vehicle not allowed by right to park in truck loading zone and vehicles being used to transport small tools are not essential in this regard and are not allowed in any construction area unless specifically authorized by the permit.

C.  No vehicle may park in a construction area unless authorized by the construction area permit.  Identification cards may be required for authorization of the vehicle.