16.20.260 Time Zones.

City Code Section
  1. A.  A vehicle may park in a time zone only for a period not to exceed the posted time limit. 
  2. B.  A vehicle may not return to a time zone in the same block face or within 500 feet of where previously parked on the same block face for a 3-hour period.
  3. C.  Upon expiration of the designated time limit, as indicated by the parking zone sign, a citation may be issued if a vehicle remains parked or stopped on the same block face unless:
    1. 1.  The vehicle has moved 500 or more lineal feet, measured along the curb or edge line;
    2. 2.  The vehicle has moved to an unregulated parking area in the same block face; or
    3. 3.  The vehicle has vacated the block face for 3 hours.