16.20.240 Taxi Zone.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 176394, effective April 17, 2002.)

A.  Location of taxi zones will be determined by the City Traffic Engineer with the advice of the Taxicab Regulation Supervisor. 

B.  No vehicle may park in a taxi zone except a taxicab operated by authority of a current taxicab company permit and displaying a current taxi plate issued pursuant to PCC 16.40.710 E.

C.  No taxicab driver may leave a vehicle unattended in a taxi zone adjacent to a fire hydrant for any reason. 

D.  No person may leave a taxicab unattended in any taxi zone not adjacent to a fire hydrant except when assisting passengers to enter or alight from the taxicab or to carry a passenger’s baggage or when delivering packages, and then for a period not to exceed 15 minutes.

E.  No person may make repairs to a taxicab parked in a Taxi Zone.