Storm damage recovery

16.20.150 Prohibited Practices.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 165594, 166575 and 176585, effective July 5, 2002.)  No person may park or permit to be parked a vehicle on a street or other public property for the principal purpose of:

A.  Displaying the vehicle for sale;

B.  Repairing or servicing the vehicle, except while making repairs necessitated by an emergency for a period not to exceed 8 hours or as allowed for recreational vehicles in 16.20.120 (H2);

C.  Displaying advertising from the vehicle; or

D.  Selling merchandise from the vehicle, except when authorized by permit or City Code.  See also: 14A.50.030, 14A.50.050, 16.60.100 F., 16.70.550, 17.25, 17.26.