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15.08.025 Authority during a Housing Emergency or Shelter Shortage.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance No. 187370; amended by Ordinance No. 190381, effective April 30, 2021.)

A.  Upon the declaration of a Housing Emergency or Shelter Shortage, the authority over all bureaus, departments, and other City offices shall remain as most recently delegated by the Mayor under Portland City Charter Section 2-302 unless the Mayor directs otherwise by written executive order.

B.  Upon the declaration of a Housing Emergency or Shelter Shortage, in addition to any other powers that may be exercised by a local government, the Council may:

1.  Utilize City owned resources;

2.  Designate persons to coordinate the work of public, private, or nonprofit relief agencies responding to the housing emergency;

3.  Provide temporary or permanent housing by purchase, lease or otherwise;

4.  Order such other measures as may be necessary to protect the life, safety and health of persons, property or the environment;

5.  Direct the expeditious issuance of permits necessary to address issues that arise from the emergency;

6.  Enter into contracts to the extent authorized by Charter Sections 8-104 and 8-105;

7.  Activate emergency plans; and  

8.  Waive Portland City Code regulations or administrative rules to the extent necessary to respond to the housing emergency or shelter shortage, provided that, where feasible under the circumstances, Council will give advance notice of waiver of Title 33 provisions.

Upcoming and Recent Changes

Ordinance No. 190381

Effective Date

Ordinance No. 190381 has two effective dates:

Directive b is effective April 30, 2021:  Amend Titles 8, 15, 17, 21, and 30 of the Portland City Code, as shown in Exhibit B, Shelter to Housing Continuum Recommended Draft Volume Three—As-Amended, dated April 2021, but excluding the amendments to Subsection 17.14.070 H. Note:  Directive b changes updated online May 4, 2021.

Directive c is effective August 1, 2021:  Amend Title 29 and Subsection 17.14.070 H. of the Portland City Code as shown in Exhibit B, Shelter to Housing Continuum Recommended Draft Volume Three—As-Amended, dated April 2021. Note:  Directive c changes will be posted online around August 1, 2021.