Storm damage recovery

14C.20.040 Evidence Property.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 186355, effective November 27, 2013.)

  1. A.  All property received by the property/evidence division as evidence shall be held subject to use as evidence in the appropriate court(s).  Currency received by the division may be held as cash or deposited into a trust fund.  Upon final disposition of the case(s) for which such property was seized as evidence, the Bureau of Police shall make a reasonable attempt to return all lawful property still held by the property/evidence division to its legal owner or rightful possessor.  The property/evidence division may return currency in the form of cash.
  2. B.  The Bureau of Police shall make a reasonable attempt to give notice to the legal owner or rightful possessor that the property will be released to him or her.  The notice shall state that the legal owner or rightful possessor has 60 days within which to claim the property at the Bureau of Police. All property received from the property/evidence division requires the signature of the legal owner or rightful possessor.
  3. C.  Upon attempted notice, if property is not claimed within 60 days, the property may be disposed of by the Bureau of Police in the manner provided by law.  Payment on disputed claims shall be authorized either by an appropriate court order approved by the City Attorney or by ordinance.