The Portland Water Bureau is monitoring a fire in the Bull Run Watershed

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14B.90.030 Permit Required.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 186746 and 188976, effective June 29, 2018.)

  1. A.  No Person or business shall engage in, conduct or carry on a secondhand dealer business in the City without a valid Secondhand Dealer Permit issued by the Revenue Division.
  2. B.  Upon acquiring or offering for sale more than 50 items of Regulated Property during any one-year period, an Occasional Secondhand Dealer shall apply for and obtain a Secondhand Dealer Permit before acquiring any more items of Regulated Property.
  3. C.  Any Person or business that advertises or otherwise holds him/herself out to be acquiring or offering for sale Regulated Property within the City will be presumed to be operating as a Dealer subject to the terms of Chapter 14B.90.
  4. D.  The sale of Regulated Property at events commonly known as "garage sales," "yard sales," or "estate sales," is exempt from these regulations if all of the following are present:
    1. 1.  No sale exceeds a period of 72 consecutive hours; and
    2. 2.  No more than four sales are held at the same location in any twelve-month period.