14B.85.010 Definitions

City Code Section

For the purposes of this Chapter, the terms used in this Chapter shall be defined as provided in this Section:

A.  Manager: means the Manager is the City official, or designated representative, responsible for the administration of the Graffiti Nuisance Abatement program under Chapter 14B.80.

B.  Paint pen.  A tube, marker, or other pen-like instrument with a tip of one-quarter (1/4) inch in diameter or greater that contains paint or a similar fluid and an internal paint agitator.

C.  Graffiti material.  Any can of spray paint, spray paint nozzle, paint pen, glass cutting tool, or glass etching tool or instrument.

D.  Spray paint.  Any aerosol container that is made or adapted for the purpose of applying paint or other substance capable of defacing property.

E.  Spray paint nozzle.  A nozzle designed to deliver a spray of paint of particular width or flow from a can of spray paint.