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14B.70.030 Procedure.

When the City believes the motel property has become a public nuisance as defined in this Chapter, the City shall attempt to notify the owner(s) of record and the person, firm, or corporation in possession of the property, in writing that the property has been determined to be a public nuisance. The notice shall contain the following information:

A.  The street address and a legal description sufficient for identification of the property.

B.  A statement that the City has found the property to be a public nuisance, together with a concise description of the events or conditions leading to this finding, including the date and time of the events or conditions.

C.  Demand that the owner or rightful possessor of the motel property respond within twenty (20) days to the Chief of Police or the Precinct Commander and appeal the City’s determination or propose an abatement plan that the Chief of Police or the Precinct Commander agrees will abate the nuisance activities giving rise to the violation.

D.  The City shall attempt to serve a copy of the notice personally on the owner, rightful possessor, or agent, if known, at least ten (10) days before the commencement of any judicial action by the City. In addition, the notice shall be mailed certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, and addressed to the owner of the business at the address of the property believed to be a public nuisance and to such other address as is shown on Multnomah County tax rolls, or such other place which is believed to give the owner of the business and of the property actual notice of the City’s determination.

E.  The failure of any person or owner to receive actual notice of the funding of a public nuisance as defined in this Chapter shall not invalidate or otherwise affect the proceedings under this Chapter.

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