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14B.30.010 Prostitution-Free Zones.

A.  For the purposes of this chapter, the following definitions apply:

1.  Arrest: to place a person under actual or constructive restraint or to take a person into custody for the purpose of charging that person with an offense.

2.  Essential needs: food, physical care, and medical attention.

3.  Reside:  to occupy one’s principal dwelling; including transient occupancy in a hotel or motel.

4.  Travel: the movement on foot or within or upon a vehicle within a prostitution-free zone from one point to another without delay other than to obey traffic control devices.

B.  Prostitution-free zones are those areas of the City as designated by the City Council under Chapter 14B.30 of this Code, which are areas where the number of arrests where there was probable cause to believe a person has committed any of the offenses enumerated in Section 14B.30.030 for a twelve (12) month period within the eighteen (18) months preceding its designation is significantly higher than that for other similarly sized geographic areas of the City that are not located within a prostitution-free zone.

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