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14B.120.080 Remedies.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 184870, effective September 14, 2011.)  If the Code Hearings Officer determines that a violation has occurred, as provided in Section 14B.120.030, the Code Hearings Officer shall make findings regarding the occurrence of the nuisance activities and any related adverse effects.  Time, place and manner abatement remedies imposed by the Code Hearings Officer to address the occurrence of the nuisance activities may include any of the following:

A.  Limiting the hours or days during which the establishment may operate.

B.  Requiring the establishment to provide resources to monitor, control and respond to patron behavior at and around the establishment, including but not limited to, hiring adequate security personnel to patrol the establishment.

C.  Restricting the activities at the establishment to prevent the reoccurrence of nuisance activities, including but not limited to restrictions upon the time and manner in which entertainment is offered.

D.  Ordering the licensee to undertake other actions reasonably necessary to abate the nuisance activities or mitigate the effects thereof, including but not limited to, modifying the establishment to include noise insulation to prevent and abate nuisance activities related to noise.

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