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14B.120.060 Enforcement.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 184870, effective September 14, 2011.)  Upon making a determination that a violation of this Chapter has occurred as provided under Section 14B.120.030, the Director or the Chief of Police may file a complaint before the Code Hearings Officer to initiate a code enforcement proceeding only if any of the following have first occurred:

A.  The licensee has failed to submit a timely written response to the Director or the Chief of Police's notice;  or

B.  The licensee fails to propose or enter into an abatement plan that is acceptable to the Director or the Chief of Police;  or

C.  The licensee does not operate the establishment in compliance with the written abatement plan.

D.  The licensee has been found to be in violation of this Chapter within the preceding 12 months.

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