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14B.120.055 Responsible Neighbor Program.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 178898, effective November 24, 2004.)  Qualified licensees may request to participate in a Responsible Neighbor Program as administered by the Director.

A.  The Director shall approve a licensee for participation in the Responsible Neighbor Program, if the licensee meets all of the following qualifications:

1.  The licensee is licensed solely for off premises sales;  and

2.  The licensee is currently certified for participation in the Responsible Vendor Program provided in ORS 471.344 (2003).

B.  If any licensee participating in the Responsible Neighbor Program has three (3) nuisance activities in violation of Section 14B.120.030, or fails to comply with any of the qualifications under Subsection 14B.120.030 A., the Director shall issue a written notice to the licensee and initiate a proceeding before the Code Hearings Officer as set out in Chapter 22.03 of the City Code for suspension of the licensee from participation in the Responsible Neighbor Program for a period of one year.

C.  If a licensee is removed from the Responsible Neighbor Program, any subsequent nuisance activity violations under Section 14B.120.030, the Director or the Chief of Police will follow the processes and remedies as provided in Sections 14B.120.040 through 14B.120.080

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