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14B.110.100 Permit Suspension, Revocation.

City Code Section
  1. A.  The Director may suspend or revoke any permit issued under this Chapter upon finding reasonable grounds to believe, based upon an investigation, that:
    1. 1.  Cause exists which would otherwise be grounds for the denial of such permit;
    2. 2.  An intentional or knowing violation by the permittee of any provision of this Chapter has occurred; or,
    3. 3.  Any violation by any person of any City ordinance or state or federal statute has occurred relating to gambling while using, operating or playing any such amusement device.  Persons holding permits shall be considered to be responsible for any gambling activity of any employee relating to any permitted amusement device.  Pursuant to this Section, permits may be suspended or revoked for any violation of law relating to gambling activity relating to permitted amusement devices or premises.
  2. B.  A suspension or revocation ordered by the Director shall not become effective until the permittee is served with written notice of the suspension or revocation, the reasons therefor, and the limited right of appeal pursuant to Section 14B.110.140, either personally or by delivery or posting of the notice at the location of the involved amusement device or business.  The suspension or revocation may be appealed by filing written notice of an appeal as provided in Section 14B.110.140.