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14B.110.070 Requirements of Permit Holders.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Any person issued any permit for any amusement device shall supervise the use and operation of such device to prevent its use or operation for any purposes contrary to the provisions of this Chapter or any other violation of the provisions of the City Code or applicable State statutes.
  2. B.  Displaying Permits.
    1. 1.  All location, amusement center, and temporary location permits issued under this Chapter shall either be:
      1. a.  Securely affixed to the permitted amusement device;
      2. b.  Displayed so as to be visible to the public at all times such device is in a location open to the public; or,
      3. c.  Visible to the public in the same room as the permitted amusement device.
    2. 2.  If affixed to the amusement device, the permit must be visible for inspection without removing any portion of the amusement device, or any other obstacle, and without physically moving the amusement device from its normal operating position.
    3. 3.  The entire face of any displayed permit shall be visible.  The permit shall be displayed or affixed during its entire term.
  3. C.  Any person issued a Location Permit, or a permit to operate an amusement center, shall operate, maintain and supervise the permitted business and its premises, including parking facilities, to prevent:
    1. 1.  Violations of the provisions of the Portland City Code, state, or federal law, relating to juveniles, minors, alcoholic beverages, gambling, obscenity, controlled substances, prostitution, or crimes against persons or property as defined by the Oregon Revised Statutes, that are connected in a time and manner with the operation and proximity of such premises;
    2. 2.  Harassing or disorderly acts on, in, or around such premises; and,
    3. 3.  Any significant increase in litter, noise, vehicular or pedestrian traffic congestion, or other locational problems in the area around such business.