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14B.10.030 Permitting Required; Application and Renewal; Violations and Remedies.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Every alarm system user shall obtain an alarm user’s permit for each system installed in their home (owned or rented) or business from the Alarm Administration Office prior to the installation of a monitored alarm system. Each permit shall bear the signature of the Chief of Police and shall be valid for a 1-year period immediately following issuance of the permit. The permit shall be kept upon the premises using the alarm system and shall be available for inspection by responding law enforcement entities.
  2. B.  An alarm system monitoring company that establishes a new client account with any residential and/or business consumer shall ensure that an alarm user’s permit has been issued through the Alarm Administration Office prior to activating a new alarm account. Requirement of this proof is a one-time requirement; responsibility for renewal transfers to the alarm user after initial activation of the alarm system.
  3. C.  A yearly alarm permit fee, permit surcharge, late payment fee, and permit renewal fee shall be established by PPB and provided with the bureau’s annual budget submission subject to the City’s Financial Policy FIN. 2.06 cost recovery methodology.
  4. D.  If a residential alarm user is over the age of 62 and resides where the permitted alarm is located and if no business is conducted in the residence, a senior’s permit may be obtained from the Alarms Administration Office according to Subsection 14B.10.030 A. without the payment of a fee.
  5. E.  Calls for emergency response to an alarm event by an alarm business must include the corresponding alarm permit number.
  6. F.  In addition to the fee provided in Subsection 14B.10.030 C., a surcharge penalty will be charged to any alarm service user that fails to obtain a permit within 30 days after the system becomes operative.
  7. G.  The alarm user will be in violation of Subsection 14B.10.030 A. if they fail to annually renew the alarm permit within 30 days after the permit expires. The alarm user may cure this violation and not face a code enforcement action if they renew their permit and pay all fees and fines within 45 days from the date of expiration.
  8. H.  Police will not respond to any alarm dispatches where the alarm system user’s permit has expired and 45 days have passed since expiration with no attempt by the alarm system user to cure their defaults. 
  9. I.   The remedy for a failure to cure after 45 days from permit expiration is the cancellation of the permit and notice by the System Administrator or designee to the alarm system monitoring company of the cancellation. Any reinstallations or reactivations after a cancellation under this Section will require a new permit application and the payment of fees for a new permit.  If cancelled under this Subsection, the alarm system monitoring company will have to obtain proof of a new permit prior to reactivation.